Activities of the Institute of Innovation for Future Society of Nagoya University


To build the foundation for promotion of technology development and to foster innovation momentum is a task common for all the countries in the world. Our country has to solidify its foundation on technology development, this is, to plan a strategy that can adapt to future changes emphasizing basic science and technology.

Within such trend, Nagoya University build a base for educational activities to study and research future technology. With the support of society, it is important to perform innovation on Research and Development with new strategies for integration and collaboration between industry, academia and the government. As a base for human resources committed for R&D, the Institute of Innovation for Future Society was established in 2013.

With this organization in place, state of the art industry-university were placed together to obtain active cooperation between full time faculty and staff with the concept of "under one roof" to promote tight R&D collaboration.

In addition, this organization supports R&D for the industry with the use of common research facilities.
When you look at this homepage, if there is an equipment that you would like to use, you only need to sign up for it to be able to use it.

Through this organization, we will increase the collective effort for R&D to contribute and support convenient life of the future society.